Who we are

We are the ones with front row seats to the massive awakening of consciousness. Collectively asking for the veils of illusion to be revealed so that we may walk as the truth, the light as one.

We invite all who are called to join in this sacred practice of harmonization. As the many, we harmonize as one.

A shared vision and revelation of the expansion of consciousness. The agreement that binds Heaven unto Earth.

Daily harmonizations attune ones frequency to divine light. One may experience:

  • The emotion of love more deeply. Love of one’s self and all around.
  • Increased mental clarity as what is truly important is reveled.
  • Moments of magic where problems quickly transform into¬† opportunities.
  • The feeling of experiencing life as a child with your best friend in a world full of possibilities.¬†

A Deeper Look:

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Know thyself as the way, the truth and the light.


I am as I define myself .


The unfolding mystery of my experience.